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REMINDER SoCal: Rain may bring MOLD

It's raining in SoCal today and weather reports show the likely possibility of a few days of rain next week. HERE ARE A FEW TIDBITS AND TIPS FOR USING THE RAIN TO YOUR ADVANTAGE:

*While it's raining or just after it stops are the best times to observe or discover leaks and/or excess moisture in ceilings and walls and around door & window openings.

*The earlier the leaks are identified the faster they can be handled by a qualified roofer. After the rainy season starts the availability of roofers becomes difficult and to timely schedule.

*With moisture intrusion mold can start growing within 24 to 72 hours. If the leaks are not identified then the leaks will dry and then recharge an area of a wall or ceiling in a repetitive cycle. Mold will likely grow and then dry and grow again in these repetitive cycles of the roof or other area leaks. The longer the leaks go undetected and un-handled the ultimate result can be the need for professional mold remediation.

* Not only can mold easily grow on damp/wet drywall but also on various types of plaster (on or behind the plaster surface there can be a dry wall like base). With moisture, mold readily grows on these types of materials.

* Catching the leak source as fast as possible is imperative if costly remediation is to be avoided.

Don't let mold problems cause unecessary concern, there IS a solution. If you think you have a mold issue call a professional mold inspection company that does not provide repairs. LaRocca's sister company Mold-Check professionals services the LA area and can assist the agent, seller and/or buyer in the locating of leak sources. Check out their website at for more info.

Mold Check Professionals

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